Tour AD 9003 /P9003

Tour AD 9003

Tour AD P9003

Modeled after the legendary 90's tour shaft specifically designed for low handicap and tour players looking for low piercing ball trajectory and pin point accuracy. Designed for players with aggressive swing profile and high swing speed.

Tour AD 9003 /P9003 shaft is available in 75 gram in S and X flex only.

Tour AD 9003 /P9003 Shaft Specifications

Tour AD 9003 /P9003 Series Flex Weight




Tip Diameter


Tip Parallel


Butt Diameter


Kick Point
9003 S 74 3.2 .334 2.5 .606 Mid
X 75 3.2 .334 2.5 .606 Mid
P9003 X 80 2.9 .334 2.5 .614 Mid
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