Tour AD Wood VR

VR-4/ VR-5/ VR-6/ VR-7/ VR-8
Stronger Drive Recoil, Increased Velocity Impact
This September 2018, Graphite Design Inc. (Japan) will release a NEW 2019 model “Tour AD VR” from the Tour AD Brand which is highly trusted by the Tour Pro.
Tour AD VR was developed based in recent years on the concept of maximizing the performance of various head technologies aimed at high initial velocity. Increased stiffness on the butt area produces more stable and fluid swing, combined with a firm tip creating a more consistent and efficient solid impact. Well balanced shaft from butt to tip.
A refreshing blue-toned matte finished design based on previous model “IZ series”.
It was first introduced in Japan’s Men and Ladies Tour in June of this year.
- Specifications -