Tour AD Wood XC

XC-4/ XC-5/ XC-6/ XC-7/ XC-8
The "TOUR AD XC" series is a new type of shaft that matches distance-finding face technology applied to most of the head recently. By using a new material M40X from tip to middle section and applying T1100G at the tip extremely minimizes power loss during ball impact. Tip movement is limited to a minimal resulting in an improved ball velocity and consist direct face hit.
A strong bend profile from mid part to grip end improves playability that you can feel during acceleration and directly transferred to the head for more stable and consistent hit. The high performance shaft that will give you the
Xtra Carry.

®M40X, Toray designs a dedicated prepreg M40X Carbon Fiber Torayca® MX series for Graphite Design to attest its performance.

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