Tour AD G Series - Wood & FW (New)

G Series - Wood & FW

Graphite Design Co., Ltd. President and CEO Mr. Takuro Yamada will launch a new brand of Driver and Fairway Woods named "G" series in addition to the "TOUR AD" brand, which boasts great trust from professional golfers. Release date for Driver is on 5th June 2020 followed by Fairway Woods on 10th July 2020.
The new brand "G" series is a new concept shaft completed after two years of research and development, based on JLPGA player's feedback, aimed at golfers who need lightweight shafts as compared to "TOUR AD" shafts. The brand name "G" stands for anti-Gravity, which means against gravity.
The characteristics of the shaft uses Toray's new material called Torayca® M40X, at the base of the shaft and run thru the tip for better and enhanced hitting experience, while increasing the rigidity and firmness at the butt. This creates a natural swing tempo and rhythm that promotes smooth back swing.

[Torayca® M40X] Toray's carbon fiber Torayca® MX series new grade M40X is effectively designed to exhibit the performance of Toray specially designed pre-preg carbon fiber material for Graphite Design.

#Pre-preg: Sheet-shaped carbon fiber material infused with resin

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