Tour AD Wood UB

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2021 October, Graphite Design Co., Ltd. President Mr. Takuro Yamada will be releasing the 2022 model "TOUR AD UB" from the "TOUR AD" brand. The brand well trusted by Professional Golfers.
The "TOUR AD UB”series is a shaft that directly transmits power to the ball, further utilizing the head performance that are currently found in a large size and high moment of Inertia club heads.

High-strength, High-elasticity carbon fiber“Torayca®M40X”is used at the Tip to the Middle part, and“Torayca®T1100G”is placed in the Tip section to increase the rigidity of the tip to the middle part, thereby suppressing unnecessary movement of the head to make it even stronger producing direct hit impact.
A stiffer and rigid tip suppresses the torsion of the shaft without energy loss at impact.
"Slow taper Technology" for Stability and Precise ball control for prompt smooth tempo.
Available in the market on October 8,2021
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