Tour AD Wood CQ (New)

CQ-4/ CQ-5/ CQ-6/ CQ-7


While the line up of Mid Kickpoint to High Kickpoint shafts is increasing, "TOUR AD CQ" series was developed in response to the voice of users who prefer the Low Kickpoint type.
It is a model that has a firm grip with a Mid-Low Kickpoint that bends like a whip, increases the head speed up to impact and easily to hit the ball. By increasing the rigidity at the hand section and adjusting the rigidity difference, we have achieved an acceleration before and after impact while maintaining good tempo on the down swing from the top position.
With flexible head speed and strong high trajectory, you can expect a hit that will "ConQuer" your entire golf games and golf courses.
Available weight ranges from 40g to 70g, and added TX flex to the 60g and 70g ranges.
- Specifications -